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What To Know When You're Considering Botox Injections

As people approach middle age, they start to notice lines and wrinkles on their face that weren't there before. Many people find this change in their appearance alarming. Fortunately, the signs of aging can be managed using scientifically proven cosmetic procedures. Botox injections prevent the formation of wrinkles and smooth the appearance of expression lines. Here are four relevant pieces of information you'll want to know when considering Botox injections for yourself.

1. Botox is typically sold by the unit.

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to Botox. Depending on the severity of your facial wrinkles, your doctor may need to use more or less Botox. The pricing structure of Botox injections reflects this. Botox is typically sold by the unit, which means you will pay less if you require less of the medication. A typical Botox treatment requires roughly 20 units per target area, according to Groupon. It's not uncommon for one unit of Botox to cost approximately $20.

2. The effects will fade gradually.

The effects of Botox injections typically disappear within three to six months. The effects will fade gradually as you regain muscle control in the treated parts of your face. Since the fading process is so gradual, it will not be obvious to others. This can be particularly important to patients who wish to hide their Botox use from others.

3. Continued treatment can make Botox more effective.

After your Botox treatment fades, you can maintain your results by returning to your doctor for another course of Botox injections. Since Botox works by paralyzing the muscles in targeted areas of your face, repeated use can cause those muscles to atrophy. This means that regular, continued treatment can make Botox more effective. You're likely to notice your Botox injections lasting longer over time.

4. The effects can be as subtle or as drastic as you desire.

Since Botox is administered in units, your doctor has fine control over how much medication you receive. Fewer units of Botox will result in a softer, more natural look. More aggressive treatment can produce more dramatic improvement. Discuss your goals for treatment with your doctor. Let them know if you're looking for a subtle change or a big one. Your doctor is there to serve you. They will take your concerns and desires into consideration so you can be happy with your results. Many patients elect for fewer units for their first treatment and increase the dosage at subsequent appointments.