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Dealing With Thinning Hair Due To Age? Try These 3 Helpful Tips

Does your hair feel much thinner than it was in the past? If you miss your thick tresses and the confidence they gave you, try the tips below.

Wash Your Natural Hair Less Often

You might have the habit of washing your hair each day, but this can cause your hair to become excessively dry, brittle, and even thinner than it was. Try creating a hair wash schedule that consists of washing your natural hair only once or twice a week. You can always use dry shampoo between those washes if you feel like your hair needs a bit of refreshing when you are styling it.

Get High-Quality Hair Extensions at the Salon

Go to the salon for high-quality hair extensions that can last for several months at a time. While people often think of hair extensions as a way to make the hair look longer, they are also ideal for thickening the hair. If you go to the salon for your extensions, the stylist can color match the hair extensions with any color you have on your head, even if you have highlights or an ombre style. You can have the hair extensions taped or glued in to get them to last for around two months. During that time, you could treat the extensions as you would the rest of your hair, which means you can use shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products on them. Your hair would look naturally thicker and give you that extra confidence.

Try Protective Hairstyles While Using Less Heat

While you have your hair extension in, it is safe to use heat products. However, you should avoid using them too often. Instead of running a flat iron through your hair each day, consider trying protective hairstyles that are better for your natural hair. Try heatless techniques to achieve waves and curls. For example, you may want to braid your hair at night, sleep with your hair in the braids, and then take them out in the morning for beach-style waves. If you are using less heat when styling, you can protect the condition of your hair extensions while protecting your natural hair at the same time.

Thick hair can start to thin out as a person ages. While this is a natural occurrence, there are ways to deal with the thinning of your hair. You can wash your hair less often, have hair extensions installed at a salon, and try protective hairstyles instead of using so much heat on the hair. 

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