Relaxation on Overdrive: A Trip to the Spa

Looking For A New Type Of Massage To Try? Try Ashiatsu

Massage can be so beneficial. It helps improve circulation, ease muscle pain, and even enhance your sleep. But sometimes, when you've had the same type of massage over and over again, you start to feel like you're stuck in a rut. It might then be time to look for a different type of massage to try. Ashiatsu is one form of massage to explore. Here's a closer look at the technique and its benefits.

What is ashiatsu massage?

You might notice that the name of this massage is very similar to shiatsu massage, a common Japanese technique. And like shiatsu, ashiatsu massage is a form of Japanese massage. It involves the same heavy, broad strokes as shiatsu, but there's one big difference: ashiatsu massage is delivered with the feet. This may sound strange at first, but consider that when the feet are used to massage, the massage therapist can take advantage of gravity. No, they won't be stepping directly on you most of the time, but they can place some or all of their weight on you with their feet, rather than trying to strain and push as they would if they were using their hands. 

In ashiatsu massage, oil will be applied to your skin before the therapist begins working on you. Their feet will be bare, and they will apply pressure in long strokes; they won't really walk on you, as many people assume.

What are the benefits of ashiatsu?

Since this massage can be performed with more pressure than most other types of massage, it is very good for athletes and others who have a lot of stiffness and who need deep, therapeutic pressure. It's a good choice for patients who find other types of deep tissue massage painful. Delivering the strokes with the feet distributes the pressure more evenly, so you won't feel as much pain. Ashiatsu is really good at breaking up muscle-fascia adhesions, so it can treat lingering soreness very well.

Is there anyone who should not receive an ashiatsu massage?

Patients with advanced diabetes, high blood pressure, and immune issues should not typically undergo this type of massage, or at least they should check with their doctors before getting a massage. It can impact the circulation, which could lead to side effects for anyone with these conditions. For the majority of people, however, ashiatsu is a safe and enjoyable, although somewhat unusual, form of massage.

Give ashiatsu massage a try if you've grown bored with your typical massage routine. You'll emerge feeling great!