Relaxation on Overdrive: A Trip to the Spa

Tips For Visiting The Spa With Friends

Going to the spa with your friends is such a nice way to relax. You can sit back, let someone else pamper you, and spend time catching up and chatting throughout the process. For a great spa day with friends, you will want to follow these tips.

1. Invite your friends and ask them to RSVP well in advance.

Even spas that regularly book groups will need to know exactly how many people are in your group well in advance of your session. This will help them ensure they have enough estheticians working that day. If one of your friends drops out at the last minute or someone decides to attend the night before instead, this could throw things off for the spa. So make sure you invite your friends well in advance of the spa day and require them to RSVP a week in advance so you can give the spa accurate numbers.

2. Have everyone get the same services.

Most spas offer a wide range of services, from massages to haircuts. However, when you're visiting with a group, it is often easiest to have everyone do the same services. This way, you can all move from station to station at the same time, and part of the group won't be separated from the others. Good services to do with a group include manicures, pedicures, facials, and leg massages. Full-body massages may be harder to accommodate, and having everyone get their hair dyed at once can be a little time-consuming.

3. Ask about packages.

When you call the spa to book the appointment, ask if they have any group package deals. You can often save a lot of money this way. The spa is also likely to throw in a few extras, such as glasses of wine or some light snacks, when you book a group package. You will probably, however, all have to agree to the same services.

4. Allow enough time.

Set aside more time than you think the spa day will take. For instance, if you're getting manicures and pedicures, which might take an hour if you were to visit the spa on your own, set aside two hours. When there are several of you, it can sometimes take the spa a little longer to get things like billing done, so you don't want to be in a rush. Plus, this allows you to really take your time and relax with your friends.

The tips above will help you have an excellent spa day with your friends. Reach out to your local spa if you have any concerns or more specific questions.