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An Active Lifestyle And Eyelash Extensions Can Go Hand-In-Hand

Leading an active lifestyle does not mean that you have to forgo beauty-enhancement treatments. More specifically, you can get eyelash extensions and still enjoy your grueling sessions at the gym. If someone told you cannot wear gorgeous lashes, learn what you can do to prove them wrong. 

Choose Lashes Carefully

Not every style of lashes is going to be right for you if you are an active person. Overly glamorous or dramatic lashes are typically a no-go. These lashes are thick and long, which means they are more likely to get in your way when you work out, which could cause problems. Faux mink lashes in a natural length are best because they are thinner and shorter. 

Plan the Install

You cannot have the lashes installed and head straight to the gym. Most installers suggest that you wait at least a day before you get the lashes wet, which includes not sweating. If you are on a rigid training schedule and you do not want to throw your workouts off course, have the lashes installed on your last training day before your off day to avoid any problems.

Invest in a Sealer

Ask your installer about a sealer protectant if you sweat a lot during your workouts. This product is applied over the lash line and helps keep the moisture from the sweat from collecting on top of the lash adhesive and weakening it. It is a good idea to keep this product in your gym bag since you need to apply it every time you work out.

Keep the Lashes Clean

You should also keep a lash-cleaning agent in your gym bag so that you can wash your face after every workout. A collection of sweat around the lash line will weaken the adhesive, but it will also introduce the threat of bacteria growth. If you clean your lashes immediately, you reduce the concern for both of these issues. 

Stay on Schedule

Make sure you return for your follow-up application as suggested by the lash installer. The adhesive has a shelf -life, but when you combine this factor with your active lifestyle, it could be shortened. As a result, your lash extensions could begin to fall out. The installer will help you determine how often you need to return based on your natural lashes, the type of extensions you chose, and your lifestyle. 

If you follow these tips, you can help reduce the risk of damaging your eyelashes while you exercise to increase their lifespan and keep them looking fantastic.