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Eyelash Extension Care Tips

For individuals that are wanting to make their eyes more striking, it is common to apply lash extensions. While these extensions will be able to enhance the appearance of your eyes, you will need to be mindful if you are to protect your new lash extensions from some common types of problems.

Avoid Tanning Beds

When individuals are wanting to get a tan, they will often resort to using tanning bed services. Unfortunately, the light from tanning beds can be extremely damaging to lash extensions. As a result, individuals that have recently had lash extensions applied will want to avoid using a tanning bed. Otherwise, they may find that their lash extensions are more likely to come loose or even fade in color as a result of being exposed to the intense ultraviolet light of the tanning bed. At a minimum, tanning beds should be avoided at least for the first few days so that the adhesive for the eyelashes can fully cure before being subjected to the strain of ultraviolet light exposure.

Be Careful When Choosing A Makeup Remover

Unfortunately, people can fail to appreciate the problems that makeup removers can cause for eyelash extensions. Oil-based makeup removers can be particularly damaging to the adhesive that binds the lash extensions to your eyelid. Using oil-based makeup removers can lead to this adhesive completely degrading, and this can cause the eyelash to become loose or even completely fall off. When choosing a makeup remover, you should have a preference for oil-free products as these will typically be gentle enough that they can remove your eye makeup without dissolving the adhesive that holds the lashes to the eyelids.

Refrain From Touching The Lash Extensions

One mistake that people can make that will greatly reduce the lifespan of their eyelash extensions will be touching them. Whether it is due to rubbing your eyes or simply a nervous habit to play with your eyelashes, you will want to avoid this as much as possible. In addition to the pressure that this could put on the eyelash extensions, it could also transfer oils from your hands to the lash extensions. This could cause them to appear greasy, and this oil can also degrade the adhesive that holds them in place. If you must touch your eyelashes, you will want to be as gentle as possible, and you will want to take some time to thoroughly wash your hands so that you remove any oil or dirt so that it can not be transferred to the lash extensions.

For further tips, reach out to a local lash extension service.