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Tips For Caring For Your Eyelash Extensions

Before you head out to get eyelash extensions, you should make sure that you have a solid understanding of how to care for them. This way, when you are properly caring for your eyelash extensions, you will not have to worry about them becoming ruined because of something you did. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make Sure To Keep Them Clean

You will need to be extra cautious when it comes to removing your eye makeup. You do not want to spread any of the old makeup onto your lashes and you do not want to snag your lash extensions when you are trying to get your eyelids clean. It would be best to wet a cloth or cotton ball with some makeup remover and then gently dab the eyelid until all of the makeup is removed. Then, you will want to use a cleaner meant specifically for eyelash extensions and spray that onto an eyelash brush. Carefully brush over the extensions to remove any dirt or makeup that might have found its way onto them.

Throw Out The Mascara

Once you have eyelash extensions on, you really will not have a need for mascara. After all, the entire point of mascara is to make your natural lashes look longer and bolder. This is a look that is achieved with the eyelash extensions so the mascara is no longer needed. Of course, you will still find that some people will continue to use mascara, possibly out of habit. However, doing this can reduce the lifespan of the lashes. As such, you may want to avoid applying mascara onto the lash extensions.

Try To Avoid Excessive Moisture On The Extensions

Daily showering and face washing is not going to be a concern. However, even with the water-resistant eyelash extensions, you want to try your best to keep them as dry as possible throughout the day. A quick run in the rain from the store to your car is one thing. However, standing out in the rain for an hour to just enjoy the beauty of nature might not be a good idea when you have eyelash extensions. That amount of water for a long time can shorten the life of the eyelash extensions.

When you have eyelash extensions applied, you should ask the beauty technician if there is any additional advice they can give regarding eyelash extensions.