Relaxation on Overdrive: A Trip to the Spa

Hair Smoothing Techniques

If you have frizzy hair and have difficulty styling it, you may have considered receiving a smoothing treatment. Chemical straighteners and keratin treatments are two products that spas and salons offer. Familiarize yourself with each of them, so that you know what type of outcome you will receive if you seek either of the processes. 

Chemical Straightening

Chemical straightening is sought by those who would like to have smooth, sleek hair, but would no longer like to deal with curls. This type of process uses a strong chemical to break down the hair's cuticle. The chemical process will cause hair to lay flat. Hair will need to undergo a deep conditioning treatment. This will prevent strands from becoming brittle.

If hair is not carefully nourished on a frequent basis, receiving a chemical straightening process could leave someone more unhappy than they were to begin with. Chemicals that are found in chemical straightening processes tend to be harsh. A spa or salon attendant will have to be careful that the chemicals don't burn a client's scalp. Once the straightening process is complete, the failure to nourish the hair with a deep conditioner could lead to breakage and split ends.

Keratin Treatments

Hair naturally contains keratin. It provides it with a smooth texture. Frizzy hair is often a result of using a lot of styling products and heat styling aids. These products can strip the hair of its natural keratin. A keratin treatment process is designed to restore the hair's natural balance. A keratin treatment is not designed to eliminate natural waves and curls. Instead, it is designed to nourish each hair strand.

Curls will instantly be easier to manage. Waves will retain their shape. Straight hair will lay flat. A keratin treatment process does not utilize chemicals. An individual will be improving the health of their hair by seeking a keratin treatment process. A process will make hair more manageable for a while.

A spa or salon attendant will first assess the condition of a client's hair. Hair will be washed, conditioned, and trimmed like it would normally be during an appointment. A keratin treatment process may be applied to the hair before it is styled. Anyone who is interested in retaining the current curl level that their hair possesses, but is seeking a way to strengthen hair strands, may want to contemplate setting up an appointment to receive a keratin treatment process.

To learn more about keratin hair treatments, reach out to a salon near you.