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Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

One of the most common questions clients ask when considering eyelash extensions is "can you swim with eyelash extensions?" You may be surprised to know that the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, some eyelash extensions actually require water to make the glue more secure. There are still a few things to consider if you are a swimmer with eyelash extensions including the type of extensions, the type of water, and eye protection. 

Professional Eyelash Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions are individual extensions that are glued to each eyelash at the root. The application can take up to two hours and uses a high-quality adhesive to attach each lash. Depending on the lashes and adhesive used, you can get professional extensions wet four to twenty-four hours after installation. Check with your stylist for exact details regarding your extensions before getting them wet. Professional extensions can last up to six weeks if taken care of properly.

At-Home Eyelash Extensions

At-home extensions are pre-made kits that are glued to the eyelid using eyelash adhesive. They are usually easy to apply so women can install them alone just like putting on makeup at home. At-home eyelash extensions generally don't last as long as professional extensions, but they can still be durable enough to wear in the water. In general, at-home extensions can last for up to 10 days with proper application. 

Chlorinated Water

While getting extensions wet is completely fine in most cases, you may want to avoid over-exposing them to chlorine. Chlorine is one of the harshest chemicals for the adhesive that holds the extensions in place. Because chlorine is corrosive, exposure for long periods of time can reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive and lead to premature lash shedding. If you swim regularly, your extensions may not last as long.

Salt Water

Eyelash extensions are designed to withstand moderate amounts of salt exposure due to the natural salts found in human skin. This means that swimming in the ocean or other bodies of saltwater is perfectly fine. However, salt is still considered a harsh substance and can cause minor damage after long periods of time.


Before you jump right into the water, consider how long you plan to swim and how much time your extensions will spend submerged. If you plan to be in a pool, the ocean, or on an all-day adventure, you may want to consider goggles to prevent any unexpected shedding. If your goggles are too tight, though, they may end up doing more harm than good. When choosing goggles, try to find some that leave enough room for your lashes without rubbing.

For more information on eyelash extensions and care, contact a salon.