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How Your Face Shape Can Determine Your Next Hair Cut

Are you on the hunt for a new haircut? While you might have something in mind already, it's always a good idea to choose a style that feels fresh and more "you." One way to do this is to choose a style that frames your face well. These are some of the best hair cuts to consider based on the shape of your face. Oval Face If you have an oval face, it is longer than it i

Experiencing Hair Change? Visit A Hair Salon To Create A Long-Term Plan

Getting used to your hair's texture and tendencies allows you to decide on hairstyles with confidence. However, you may be experiencing hair changes, which will happen throughout your life for various reasons, such as age and hormone shifts. An excellent idea is to visit a hair salon where you can learn more about your current hair and develop a long-term plan. Haircu

2 Modern Heatless Hair Extension Types & Their Pros And Cons

If you are considering obtaining hair extensions to add length and volume to your natural hair, you may wonder what your hair extension options are. While hairstylists utilize a variety of techniques when adding extensions to their client's hair, some modern techniques are growing in popularity because they produce a final result that appears extremely natural and the

4 Benefits Of Microneedling Treatments For Skin Rejuvenation

The search for beautiful skin dates back to the earliest civilization. Everyone would love to have smooth, radiant skin, but with age and exposure to the elements, this is difficult. Microneedling treatments have emerged as a revolutionary technique for skin rejuvenation. This therapy applies a device that creates multiple micro-injuries in your skin. These micro-inju

Raised Upper Lip? Try Botox

When you look in the mirror, do you feel like your upper lip is drawn upward too much? Sometimes patients describe this as having a raised lip. You might feel like your lip makes your smile too obvious or makes your smile look "gummy." Sometimes patients try a lip filler to ease this look, but that tends to just make the lip look larger all-around. It may still appear